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Located in midtown Manhattan, 3Seven&8 is based on the corner of 37th street & 8th avenue. Streamlining life with luxury at a contemporary price, our company is just as diverse as it's inspiration. With materials sourced from all around the world our designs are made to the highest of standards. We bring cultural influence from around the world to you.


COLLEZIONI confirms Yellow brights and Color Blocking Popular for SS15

Papa Ndiaye

COLLEZIONI's "Color Essense" report says "'Strength in serenity' sums up this Summer's color ranges in a nutshell.  This  is certainly not a colorless season - on the contrary, it offers something for everyone in a range from pastels to enormously luminous hues.  But we find highly aesthetic, self-sufficient color series with few discontinuities and contrasts.  Pastels are huge and can also be found in unaccustomed contexts , in purist or sporty segments.  They never come across as naive or tacky.  They are enlivened using metallic accents and occasionally even elevate themselves into spheres of higher elegance.  Summer darks also play an important role.  We find them in the many subdued and cooler themes, while strong, intensive hues consort with more serene nuances or black-white contrasts generally guarantee a contemporary look: regardless of what combination they appear in, they modify every hue and color scale.

This Summer refuses to experiment.  Fortunately, the new yearning for harmony delivers truly convincing and hyper-aesthetic concepts.  Colors never appear garish, fake or out of place, but are rather integrated in an overall concept.  The almost baroque attitude leads to a new self-awareness of color - and to a pleasingly artless look!"